PenSimple, A Weed Grinding And Dispensing Pen

October 10, 2016


Yeah, I wouldn't smoke that if I were you.

This is the PenSimple, a $69 (great price point) weed grinding, storing and dispensing pen. You fill the unit with up to a gram of herb, and with the push of a button it grinds and dispenses the contents in an even stream. It's perfect for all your weed related arts and crafts. I just spelled out my name with glue, then covered it with ground weed. Move over, glitter and puffy paint, I just made the coolest prom proposal sign ever! "With just your own name on it?" I'm going solo, I'm taking time to work on me.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees its only a matter of time till high schoolers are swearing to their parents its actually a kitchen accessory they had to buy for Home-Ec.

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