Oh, Internet: Hamsters Reenact 'Stranger Things'

October 11, 2016


Because, whether right or wrong, the internet gods demand 'Stranger Things' and hamster versions of everything, this is video created by the folks at Mashable of rescue hamsters from the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven reenacting scenes from 'Stranger Things'. As far as videos like this go, I thought it had surprisingly high production value. Still, it's weird to think it was actually somebody's job to make this. Like, people got paid to do this. "Look who's talking." Awww, you think I get paid to do this? I do this out of the kindness of my heart. Jk jk, I use this as a personal outlet so I don't kill anybody else. "You have before?" In their dreams. "You mean YOUR dreams?" *hunt-and-peck typing with razor finger gloves* No I do not.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Cam, who's worried the second season of 'Stranger Things' won't live up to the first. Me? I'm worried the world won't end before it airs.

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