Non-Alcoholic Dog Beer That's Supposed To Make Your Dog's Ass Smell Better

October 25, 2016


Bottom Sniffer is a non-alcoholic, uncarbonated beer for dogs brewed with dandelion and burlock that's supposed to leave your dog's ass smelling better than it currently does. Me? I don't know what my dog's butt smells like unless she farts, then it smells like daises because she's a princess. Just kidding, it smells like death and I make her get off the sofa.

The brew contains Dandelion & Burdock along with an array of other herbs to endow your pooch with a delectably-scented sphincter. All the other dogs will either be chasing after that arse or wishing that they possessed such a fragrant rump.

A 4-pack of the beer costs $17, so you really have to consider just how important your dog's butt temporarily smelling better is worth to you. Personally, I just cinch one of those little pine tree air fresheners around her tail and that seems to do the trick. I prefer pina colada, but any one will do provide it's not dog shit scented. Although I'd also steer clear of new car scent so you dog doesn't confuse itself for a Mazda and try to play in the street.

Thanks to Marcus O, who feeds his cats dog beer and his dogs cat beer just to keep them on their toes about what they really are.

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