My My: Steamy Harry Potter Boudoir Photoshoot

October 20, 2016


Seen here about to cast Old Spice, model Zachary Howell poses for photographer Sarah Hester during a Harry Potter themed boudoir photoshoot. It's pretty steamy. How steamy? Just ask Moaning Myrtle. "All I hear is moaning." Of course, she's PREOCCUPIED, that's how steamy it is. So steamy my glasses just fogged up, and I don't normally wear glasses but I'm wearing one of those pairs with the fake eyebrows and nose and mustache attached because eyes are the window to the soul and I don't want Harry to see my soul for what it is, which, from what I've been told by ex-friends and ex-girlfriends in the past, is akin to a Dementor.

Keep going for the rest of the shoot ,which, yes, does contain one shot of Harry with his hand down his Gryffindor boxers fiddling with his wand.











Thanks to Stephanie B, who mentioned wanting to see a Snape boudoir photoshoot. Well yeah, who doesn't?

  • I'll be in my bunk.

  • Jenness

    The first one looks like he's about to use his wand for some magic deodorant spell.

    I find myself making a joke about each one and snickering. Not sure if that is how these are supposed to work.

  • Wiley

    Oh? The old, shirt draped over the shoulder/hand down my pants look? Classic

  • the antagonist

    Erecto patronum!

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    pic #6: what Ron sees every morning when he wakes up in the dorm shortly followed by pic #9

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