Male Hummingbird Displays Shimmering Purple 'Octopus Mask' To Impress Females

October 4, 2016


This is a video clip from the PBS Special 'Super Hummingbirds' premiering October 12th (the day after my mom's birthday in case you're trying to hack my bank account) featuring a male Costa's Hummingbird performing an elaborate mating air-dance and showing off the shimmering purple octopus mask he has. I must have one of those for the next masquerade party I attend. Which, coincidentally, will also be the first masquerade party I attend.

Spring is the time to nest for the Costa's hummingbirds, before the desert gets too hot. Both males and females are looking for a partner, but it's up to him to impress her. Though his back shimmers with green, it's not until we get her point of view that we see his true splendor. He flexes the iridescent feathers of his mantle until they become a glowing mask of violet.

Man, I wish I had iridescent feathers I could flex to impress the ladies. Instead all I have are these ridiculously toned muscles. What woman would ever have an interest in those? "I thought you were bedridden." Did my mom tell you that? I'll bet you my mom told you that. She doesn't want me dating because she's afraid I'll get my heart broken.

Keep going for the worthwhile video. It's a trip.

Thanks to Maria, who agrees more species should adopt mating dances so I can make a show about them and pretend I'm David Attenborough.

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