Live-Action Remake Of The Original He-Man Cartoon Intro

October 7, 2016


This is a shot-for-shot live-action remake of the 1980's He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe cartoon intro. It's just about exactly what you'd expect. You know I actually have that same He-Man muscle suit costume they used because I was He-Man for Halloween last year. Or was it the year before? The point is I have one and sometimes my girlfriend likes for me to put it on and, well, you know. "Mow the lawn?" Yes, or do the dishes.

Keep going for the video, as well as a side-by-side comparison with the original.

Thanks to Dwayne, who still has a Castle Greyskull playset. Oh man, I used to have the Snake Mountain playset with the voice-changing mic and everything.

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