LIttle Girl Convinces Giant Ship To Blow Its Horn, Instantly Regrets It

October 21, 2016


This is a short video of a little girl yelling "Toot toot!" at a giant ship and giving it the universal sign for blow your horn. The ship finally grants her wish, and she runs away terrified. Be careful what you wish for, that's the message here. Remember riding the school bus and trying to get tractor trailers to blow their horns? Those were the days, weren't they? Life was so much easier back then. Now? Now life is hard, like trying to learn the rules to a new drinking game after you already drank a jug of wine in the bathtub.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to lizzy, who agrees we should all chip in and buy an old school bus and take field trips together. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

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