LEGO Shopping Bag Turns Your Hand Into A Minifig Hand

October 24, 2016


This is a cleverly designed LEGO bag that makes your human hand (or hook or other prosthetic) appear like it's a LEGO minifig hand. The bag is the brainchild of NYC designers Junho Lee and Hyun Chul Choi and scores a solid 6 out of 10 on the GW Scale Of Things I Wish I'd Thought Of First. Facebook is a 10. Those straws that make your milk taste like chocolate milk are a 12.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to hairless, who's body is already as smooth as any minfig's.

  • PUNX

    does it also make you wear white on white shoes with white socks and fold your pants to high waters. Gross.

  • the antagonist

    Someone with a chin goatee giving fashion advice? What a world we live in...

  • PUNX

    Aint nothing wrong with facial hair but being at least over 20 yrs old and looking like your mom is still buying your clothes and dressing you, not thats just needs to stop.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    yes. a bag does that.

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