Japanese Realistic Fake Food Hair Accessories

October 13, 2016


Because Japan is really going hard today, this is a line of realistic looking fake food hair bands available from Japanese shop Fake Food Hatanaka. Each costs between $40 - $70 and looks like a different meal in your hair. Me? I get spaghetti in my beard all the time and I had no idea that might actually be desirable. Maybe I'll go out of my way to be an even messier eater now. "You already have something in your beard." Is it breakfast -- does it look like a piece of a sausage patty? "I'm pretty sure it's a penis." What! "Just kidding, it's a sausage patty." Oh thank God, I went to a job interview like this.

Keep going for a bunch more.











Thanks to lizzy, who agrees real food in your hair is going to be all the rage next year, you just watch. Plus your pets are really gonna love you when you come home.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I know plenty of people who would wear the bacon bow, not sure about the rest though.

  • Food hair accessories super realistic.
    Manikin head super unrealistic.
    And super creepy.

  • TheQiwiMan

    "No no, we need it to look more realistic!"

    "But sir, who would buy these? Aren't hair accessories supposed to be decorativ-"
    "MORE REALISTIC! If our customers don't look like escaped mental patients, THEN MY LIFE IS ALL FOR NOTHING!"

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