Impressive Flying Imperial Probe Droid Drone

October 31, 2016


This is the Viper Imperial probe droid drone built by Youtuber ajw61185 out of foam and other lightweight materials (Specific is my middle name). As you can see, it is most impressive. That tauntaun? Not so much. If only he'd spent as much time on that as the droid he'd be a real contender in this year's Halloween costume contest. As it stands, I'm afraid the droid alone isn't enough to clench a victory. Trust me, I'm a professional Halloween costume contest judge. Same goes for swimming pool cannonballs. *holds up a '7'* You're gonna need more weight to be great.

Keep going for a video of the droid doing its thing (presumably probing).

Thanks to Dunc, who's never judged a Halloween costume contest before but did show up at a Hooters only an hour after a bikini contest once.

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