I Am Into This: A Legend Of Zelda Ladies' Romper

October 20, 2016


This is the Legend Of Zelda Link Ladies' Romper available exclusively from ThinkGeek. It costs $25 and can be credited with teaching me what a romper is. It's a one-piece shirt and shorts combo. Why don't they make that sort of thing for guys? I want as few clothes as possible. Plus I won't have to worry about matching. $25 actually seems like a pretty good deal considering it has a front zipper, hood, and thumb holes. I've paid $25 for just a t-shirt before and had to go to school bottomless until I saved up enough for a pair of Umbros. You know what my favorite thing about Umbros are? You never have to wash them. You can wear them every day and if they start to smell like butt or balls you can just spray a little cologne in there and you're good to go another week. "You're gross." No, I'm practical. "And what have your girlfriends thought about this?" Ahahahahaha -- you believed those stories?!

Keep going for a couple detail shots.



Thanks to hairless, who knows what I like, and I like a lady dressed as Link.

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