How To: Make Creepy Face Chocolate Chip Halloween Cookies

October 10, 2016


This is an Instructable created by wold630 (not to be confused with wolf630, who doesn't bake cookies, only little pigs) detailing how to make your own scary face chocolate chip cookies for Halloween. Basically it involves making regular chocolate chip cookies, then using a sculpting tool to carve eyes and mouth dents, using sugar pearls for eyeballs, almond slivers for teeth, and red and black food coloring markers for detail. Simple! So simple even I could do it. "Why is your kitchen on fire?" Unrelated. Okay, kind of related. I forgot I hid all my nudie mags in the oven.

Keep going for a couple more pictures.



Thanks to Joselyn, who agrees the scariest Halloween cookies have been and always will be oatmeal raisin cookies you mistake for chocolate chip.

  • Rob

    Thanks to whomever pointed out that Jocelyn noticed what my husband and I were arguing about before we saw the funny little correction under the recipe. We clearly knew we were looking at oatmeal cookies but he wanted to believe the chocolate chip cookie title was not a mistake.....WRONG(yet again), lol. So again, thank you "Jocelyn" for ending another stupid argument in my favor!!!

  • Jenness

    Now these are cool - not so disgusting you can't imagine actually eating them. Pretty awesome.

  • MustacheHam

    I might take a bit, yet I'm afraid the cookie may take a bite out of me. haha!
    Cool cookie designs btw. :)

  • asdfadfs

    #3 top row, middle two bottom row are the best

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