Happy Birthday!: The World's Oldest Living Cat Celebrates 31 Years Of Sleeping All Day

October 5, 2016


Meet Nutmeg, the unofficial world's oldest living cat (unofficial because he was found as a stray and a vet estimated his age at around five at the time. The world's official oldest cat of all time, Creme Puff, lived to 38 years and 3 days, or two years and change longer than I'll make it). Nutmeg just celebrated his 31st birthday, or 141 in cat years. I bet he has so many fascinating stories to tell. Nutmeg, tell us a fascinating story. "Meow." Wow, you really have lived quite the life. Speaking of -- what number of your nine lives are you on now, anyways? "Meow." Eleven?! How'd you manage that? "Meow." Black magic, I knew it. I bet you have some serious skeletons in your closet. "Meow." Only mouse ones? You don't eat the bones? My cat eats the bones and everything, then her litterbox smells like the ninth circle of hell for two days.

Keep going for several more pictures, the first of which looks like a mugshot and just screams happiest cat in the world.




Thanks to Amber P, who wants to be reborn as a spoiled house cat. Me? I want to be reborn as spoiled milk.

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