God Tries To Kill Guy Singing While Driving

October 24, 2016


This is a video of Youtuber and musician Travis Carpenter singing in his car while traveling on the I-65N from Indianapolis, Indiana to Whitewater, Wisconsin when he hydroplanes off the road and rolls his car, presumably because God didn't like the sound of his voice, or the song he was singing. God prefers hymns, man, everybody knows that. In his own words while I tempt God to try lightning strike me while singing in the shower.

I travel the 3-4 hours by myself every time and use singing as a way to pass time, and critique it later. At this point I was practicing a nasal type voice on a Casting Crowns song when the crash happened. I was watching the road and saw nothing that caused me to worry. Simply hydroplaned in a heavy rain. My car slid sideways, and then was completely backwards by the time I slid off the road and went down a small hill. I hit a mile marker sign (230) on my way off the road. Here are two of the most amazing parts: I sustained NO injuries. Not even a scratch. And my car took NO mechanical damage and is completely driveable. Only body damage.

Well I'm glad you're safe, Travis, because I can't wait for your first single. Plus I'll be in the front row at every show and ask you to sign my boobs afterwards. I won't wash them either, and in a couple months I'll just have tits completely covered in Travis Carpenters. I mean, that is why you're doing this right? For my tits? I might even get a tattoo of your scream face.

Keep going for the video and see what somebody looks like when they're wondering if they're a ghost now.

Thanks to Zootghost, who agrees God works in mysterious ways. I assume this was a warning.

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