Don't Let The Skinbags See: Neural Network Computers Learn How To Encrypt Messages To Each Other

October 28, 2016


In robot apocalypse news, computers participating in Google's deep learning project have developed forms of encryption in order to send messages to one another without risk of them being read by an unintended recipient. Wow, finally, that's just what we've needed. *hammering nail in humanity's coffin*

We don't know exactly how the encryption method works, as machine learning provides a solution but not an easy way to understand how it is reached. In practice, this also means that it is hard to give any security guarantees for an encryption method created in this way, so the practical implications for the technology could be limited.

Computers have a very long way to go if they're to get anywhere near the sophistication of human-made encryption methods. They are, however, only just starting to try.

Oh that's cool, we don't even know how their encryption method works. That's sure gonna pay off in the long run. I don't even know why I bother caring anymore, we're doomed. My only hope is that my penchant for Darwin Award-like behavior takes me before robots get the chance.

Thanks to NotHappyJan, who is clearly just as thrilled as I am about this.

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