Different Strokes For Different Folks: An Aliens Themed Wedding Cake

October 17, 2016


This is Geekologie reader Mac and his wife's wedding cake. It has alien toppers and the upper portion was designed to resemble alien eggs. I think the lower portion is wampa balls. The egg sacs weren't actually filled with acid though, just red velvet cake. Personally, I would have filled them acid. Not acid acid though, I'm talking LSD. You ever seen your grandma's face melt onto the dance floor before? I have. And I think everybody else at my cousin's reception did too. I've kinda been banned from family weddings. "You spiked the punch bowl. " THE PUNCH BOWL SPIKED ITSELF.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks Mac, and congratulations.

  • shashi

    "Do you KRAAHW take BRAAHW to be your WRAAH? To have and to HRAAAAH...."

  • The_Wretched

    They should have put out little bowls of black caviar.https://skinwalker.files.wordpress....

  • Meh

    The aliens on top sure, predators would be even better, but the eggs and all, they don't really come over to me.

  • TheQiwiMan

    If they get divorced they should have Predator-themed cakes for the divorce party.


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