Custom Made Luke Riding Tauntaun Child's Halloween Costume

October 18, 2016


This is a video of custom motorcycle artist Clint Case's son showing off the Luke riding atauntaun Halloween costume Clint made him. The costume took '4 months, 100 glue sticks, 2 yards of fur and 1 goat mask' to complete. I have used those exact same supplies to make a costume before but mine came out completely different. "Were you some kind of perverse furry fantasy?" No. "Were you a goat headed demon-man?" No, I was a baby goat wearing a sweater. "Well that sounds pretty tame." That's what everybody at the party thought until I gored them all. I was like a wolf in sheep's clothing except goat's clothing.

Keep going for the video. Still, no word if he plans on sleeping inside the tauntaun on Halloween night for extra authenticity.

Thanks to Caleb, who agrees this kid is going to get all the candy this year.

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