Clever: Woman Cosplays As Mystique Partway Through Shapeshifting

October 11, 2016


This is two-first named Rebecca Lindsay and her very clever Mystique cosplay captured by photographer Jody Houser at New York Comic Con. As you can see, she's Mystique caught mid-shapeshift. Okay, maybe caught quarter-shapeshift.

"Making it was tough and I totally had my mom sew me into the thing and help glue on the sequins," Lindsay told Cosplay In America. "I used an army costume from Ebay and a cheapo body suit from Amazon. We just cut off the extra and sewed the uniform on top of the blue. The sequins helped cover up all the seems. I also used two wigs and sewed those things together (so tough!!!) and sprayed the mystique hair bright red."

That's a great final presentation. I'm still stressing about what I'm going to be for Halloween. I almost always wind up being the same thing every single year. "A wizard?" Arrested. Man, Halloween in the drunk tank -- half the people you can't tell if they're wearing costumes or not. Like, I'm pretty sure that guy with the blood on his shirt really just killed somebody.

Keep going for a couple face closeups.



Thanks to Breanna, who agrees the best costumes are made with love over time, not bought at Walgreens an hour before the Halloween party. Last year I was a hippie wig with a werewolf body and princess gloves.

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