Cast A Spell On Me?: Beautiful Felted Witch Hats

October 31, 2016


These are the felted witch hats handcrafted by Kate Koprowski of HandiCraftKate. Beautiful, right? They make my wizard hat look like a cheap $8 Halloween store wizard hat. Mostly because my wizard hat is a cheap $8 Halloween store wizard hat.

I use 100% real sheep wool sourced from companies that humanely treat their animals. I hand-block each hat, forming each curl and wrinkle individually. My hats are not knitted or crocheted or upcycled from wool clothing-I start from scratch every time and each piece takes about 3 days to complete fully.

Prices for the hats start around $285 and go up from there, so they're not cheap. Hey -- quality costs money. And apparently so do rainbow colored sheep.

Keep going for a bunch more examples.













Thanks to TX, who felted a Sorting Hat and it sorted me into the garbage.

  • Brandon Haist

    200 bucks is too much for a hat, especially a hat you'll only be able to really wear while either A) Cosplaying or B) halloween. She could be making so much more money if she lowered the price to around 80$ or so, because it'd make the hats more affordable to the masses, and open up her client base to more than just professional cosplayers. I like the hats designs, but not even remotely worth over 200 bucks.

  • Amy

    The wool that is used, is not cheap! My daughter felts with wool & 2 things I make a whole hat, like these...takes a minimum of 3 days AND the price of the wool, is incredibly expensive. It's an art form.. very hard to price such things, as many hours go into each hat. If she were to reduce them to your suggestion of $80 ...she would lose $.

  • Neon

    How do i buy one?

  • Neon

    And how do i make sure it get's to me ^_^ .

  • They are very nice but well outside my hat budget.

  • Meh

    Since its been Halloween i allow it. Witch hats for everyone. I like the brown Radagast one, but only if it comes with either a squirrel or shrooms.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I don't know about you but I'd gladly felted up every one of the hat models. I don't know how many there were though because you only see like one face. Still... They're all out of my league.

  • M G

    To clarify, the hats are being sold, not the women.

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