Biology: Knitted Dissected Frogs, Rats, Pigs And Bats

October 10, 2016


These are the knitted dissected animals crafted by Emily Stoneking of Etsy store aKNITomy. You can buy patterns to knit your own for around $4 apiece, or actually buy one Emily knit herself for $95+. I don't know how to knit, so I'm stuck buying one. I mean, unless one of you wanted to make me one out of the kindness of your heart. A heart I promise not to cut you open and remove. I remember in high school biology we had to dissect an earthworm, a frog, and a fetal pig. Unfortunately, I don't remember learning much except I loved the smell and my lab partner Billy Salem put the pig in his backpack to take home when class was over. I thought he was joking about roasting and eating it. Watching Billy step off the bus that afternoon was the last we ever saw of him.

Keep going for a bunch more shots including a bat and a worm and an alien.










Thanks to Matt, who agrees they should teach you the important stuff in high school biology like what's the right direction to twist a nipple to turn your lover on.

  • Jenness

    I just would love to hear Emily talk about what she does for a living with distant relatives at the next holiday gathering and see their faces. Lay down $10 someone says "Oh Emily, never change - but seriously - you might want to change."

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