Awesome Slow-Motion Footage Of Hot Wheels Cars Doing Jumps, Flips, Barrel Rolls

October 12, 2016


This is a video from the folks of 5 Mad Movie Makers of Hot Wheels cars performing sweet-ass tricks, with all the action captured from off the track, as well as with follow-car and point-of-view angles. PLUS SLOW-MOTION. And you know how I feel about slow motion. "Slow motion, the ocean's emotion." What? No. Did you just have a stroke? God you worry me sometimes.

This video from 5MadMovieMakers lets us vicariously enjoy some elaborate setups and tricks, including the Long Jump, the Falling Roll, the 360 Flip Spin, the Double Roll, the Halfpipe, the Falling Front Flip, the Double Jump through Hoops, and the Splash Dive.

After watching this you know what I realized? That this is a visual representation of kids playing with Hot Wheels cars. Like, this is what kids see when they've got a Hot Wheels in their hand and they're making it do flips and all that. Adults can't see that anymore because they've lost their imagination. Presumably around puberty. One boner and it's all over.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my buddy Dave M, who used to be that kid that just sat in the sandbox alone crashing two cars together and worrying the daycare workers.

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