Attempting To Use Drones To Change A Lightbulb

October 25, 2016


This is a video of Marek Baczynski and his pal Sven attempting to use two different inexpensive (~$60) quadrocopters to change a single overhead lightbulb. Apparently it took an entire day and nine broken bulbs to achieve the feat, making it far more efficient to hire a Polish lightbulb changing company. You know it really is a shame that ridiculous stigma was ever perpetuated in the first place, they're actually great lightbulb changers with reasonable rates and friendly service.

Keep going for the video while

Thanks to DV, who agrees the easiest way to change a lightbulb is to just pack up and move somewhere with working bulbs.

  • craig37f .

    Yea, they looked like the kinda guys I was expecting to be doing this.

  • Xockszky

    Well it took almost 5 packages of light bulbs and they wasted an entire day... but at least they didn't have to actually change it manually by hand like some kind of caveman!

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