Aliens: There Are 10-20X More Galaxies In the Universe Than Previously Estimated

October 13, 2016


According to a recent study released by an international team of astronomers, the known universe has some 10 - 20X the number of galaxies as previously estimated. That moves the figure from some 100 billion galaxies to 1 - 2 trillion. This also increases the number of estimated stars in the universe to 700 sextillion, or 700 thousand billion billion, or, in layman's numbers, a real shitload.

Using new mathematical models, the astronomers were also able to infer the existence of galaxies that the current generation of telescopes cannot detect. The researchers say there must be a further 90 percent of galaxies in the observable universe that are too dim and far away for us to see using current telescopes.

"It boggles the mind that over 90 percent of the galaxies in the universe have yet to be studied," noted [lead astronomer Christoper] Conselice. "Who knows what interesting properties we will find when we discover these galaxies with future generations of telescopes?"

Honestly, it boggles my mind that we've studied any galaxies. I can hardly believe we still don't think the world is flat and if you try to sail around it you'll fall off and get swallowed by one of the giant turtles holding it up. God, I just want the opportunity to have sex with aliens, is that so much to ask? "Yes." Wow -- really, God? The one question you finally decide to answer?

Thanks to Dev, n0entity and Sarah, who agree it's only a matter of time until astronomers decide it's actually another 10X this figure.

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