A Burger King Restaurant Dressed As McDonald's For Halloween

October 28, 2016


As part of a publicity stunt, a Burger King restaurant in New York dressed up like a McDonald's wearing a giant ghost sheet. I'm gonna be honest, that looks like a last minute costume idea. The sign reads 'BOOOO! JUST KIDDING, WE STILL FLAME-GRILL OUR BURGERS. HAPPY HALLOWEEN' and they served burgers in boxes marked McDonald's with the same message inside. Now listen: I've been a Burger King guy since sixth grade (technically a Taco Bell guy but a Burger King guy if it's just BK vs McDonald's), but I don't think anybody cares whether McDonald's flame-grills their burgers or not. People like them, and they're going to eat them. This is not how you win customers. What the sign should have read is 'BOOOOO! NOT KIDDING, McDONALD'S LOWERS SEXUAL DRIVE AND MAKES UGLY BABIES.' Now that....that's a message that probably wouldn't have any effect either. *shrug* People love McDonald's, that's why nobody minded eating pink slime for so long.

Keep going for a shot of the burger box and a short video.



Thanks to n0nentity, who doesn't start crafting his Halloween costume until the day of and has never won a costume contest. Shocking.

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