93-Year Old Bridge Set For Demolition Gets Exploded, Refuses To Fall

October 12, 2016


Note: Explosion at 0:08, keep your speakers in check.

This is a video of the Broadway Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas during an attempted demolition by explosives after it was deemed "structurally deficient." It doesn't fall, and took five hours of pulling with cables to finally drop, leading at least one blogger to speculate why the demolition company used fireworks. And if they actually did use proper explosives and it didn't fall, was it really "structurally deficient" to begin with? Because now I'm wondering if building a new bridge wasn't just a scam to swindle the public's tax dollars and line the pockets of government officials and contractors. Am I making too much sense? I am the voice of reason after all. Just kidding, I'm the voice of my penis. Take these hair ties off me!

Keep going for the anticlimactic video.

Thanks to KJ, who agrees that demolition company should have their wrecking shit license revoked.

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