1980's Teddy Ruxpin Toy Is Coming Back To Terrify An All New Generation

October 3, 2016


Seen here participating in what appears to be some sort of soul-stealing ritual, a trade showman demonstrates the new Teddy Ruxpin. For those of you young enough to be the children I might have conceived in high school if any girl were actually interested in me, Teddy Ruxpin was an 80's robotic bear toy that could play cassette tapes in his stomach and move his mouth and eyes along with the story he was telling. And now he's back to terrify a whole new generation, this time with an internal 4GB hard drive (to which the lady in the video responds with a "Wow!" Four whole gigabytes, that's insane!) and LED full color eyeballs with 40 different animations. He will retail for about $100 and can presumably be hacked to sing death metal and make sure any younger siblings you might have don't get much sleep anymore. Speaking of -- can somebody out there make custom fire and pentagram animations for his eyes? I have a little sister who needs to learn a lesson about tattling.

Keep going for a video of a demonstration from a recent satanic toy trade show.

Thanks to Damien, who used to make the original Teddy sing Ozzy Osborne. Heck yeah, I used to make mine sing my own songs I wrote and recorded. Just kidding, I never had a Teddy Ruxpin because Santa never thought I was good enough. For anything.

  • Keegano

    I still have my Teddy Ruxpin although some of the mechanics have deteriorated over time so he no longer really works. I'm sure my kids would love this new toy.

  • Xockszky

    Kids don't even know who Teddy Ruxpin is. I think this is more for the parents who want their kids to play with the same kind of toys they played with when they were young (but without context, since the cartoon hasn't been on in 20 years, and I doubt kids today would find the old animation style appealing... plus, the Teddy Ruxpin toy isn't THE toy for all the kids to have, like back when it was popular.)

  • GeneralDisorder

    I was born in 1984 and several of my close friends had Teddy Ruxpins. I don't know who Teddy Ruxpin is.

  • TheQiwiMan


  • alainmartel

    Where did they ever find those 4Gb drives? In some antique shop? In 1996, 2 Gb where becoming main stream, and up to 20 Gb where available by 1997. In 2000, 40 and 60 Gb drives where already obsolete. It would be cheaper, lighter, less power hungry, have more storage and much more reliable to use some cheap flash drive, like any basic SD card (no HCSD nor XCSD, just SD)...

  • GeneralDisorder

    These days you can pretty much build one in your average workshop. That is, as long as your average workshop has a clean room for final assembly. Alternately they might use recycled microSD cards.

  • Jeedai Infidel

    Teddy Ruxpin is coming back? Now, where did I put that old Billy Idol cassette? One of my favorite memories involves an eight year old me at my friend Shad's house laughing hysterically as Teddy Ruxpin sang "Eyes Without A Face". Good times.

  • Smivey


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