102-Year Old Gets Handcuffed And Rides In Back Of Police Car To Fulfill Bucket List Item

October 5, 2016


102-year old Missourian (that's somebody from Missouri) Edie Sims was recently handcuffed and driven around in the back of a police vehicle to fulfill the "getting arrested" item on her bucket list. St. Louis police officers escorted Edie to the the St. Louis Five Star Senior Center, where she distributed the socks and scarfs she made to residents. What a beautiful creature. Also, how does somebody live 102 years without ever being arrested? I didn't even last a quarter that long. I hate jail and I hate its shitty ham and cheese sandwiches.

She also offered some sage advice to anyone following in her footsteps.

"Keep going, don't ever stop whatever it is you're doing and spend some time doing community service because sometimes the person you reach out and touch, is the only person that they will talk to in a day," she said, according to KPLR.

Very touching. Could you imagine a world full of Edies? What a beautiful place that would be. Slow moving, but beautiful. We sure could use a lot more Edies and way less, well, people like me. The only community service I've ever done was court ordered. "You really are an awful monster." Wow -- thanks, mom.

Keep going for one more shot of Edie and the officers.


Thanks to SJ, who asked me what I'll be doing when I'm 102. GOOD QUESTION. Probably celebrating my 60th anniversary of dying.

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