You Know, Just A T-Rex Doing Tricks On A Jet-Ski

September 23, 2016


This is a video of a t-rex named Mark Gomez stealing a jet-ski and proceeding to do a bunch of tricks out on the water. Water: it's crucial to jet-ski tricks. Jet-ski tricks performed in a parking lot are pretty much limited to just sitting there motionless making vroom vroom sounds. I've never been on a jet-ski before. I had the chance once when I was younger but I was too afraid of lake sharks. I don't like water I can't see though, which is why I don't take bubble baths anymore. *pointing* Whoa, what's that?! "Your penis." Haha, yeah it is. Can you bring me the Johnson's No-More-Tears baby shampoo?

Keep going for the video while I eat some cold pizza.

Thanks to PUNCHMONKEY, who sounds like a great name for a tropical rum cocktail if it isn't already.

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