Wow, Finally: A Line Of Beard Jewelry For Men

September 29, 2016


Because being the hipsterest hipster is a goal some guys actually strive to achieve, this is the line of beard accessories designed by Krato Milano Jewelry (currently a barely funded Kickstarter campaign). They're little $35 skulls, crystals and ship's anchors that clip into your beard. Alternatively, hot glue a tiny arrow or sparrow pin to a paper clip and wear that. Get creative! Just kidding, wear the exact same thing everyone else is. Personally, you know what I like to wear in my beard? "From the looks of it, about a quarter of a cheeseburger and some French onion soup." Haha, yeah, I eat like an animal. You know why? "Because you're an animal?" No, because I like to PRETEND I'm an animal and see how dates will react. "And -- how do they react?" They always excuse themselves to the restroom, where I assume they've all died.

Keep going for several more shots and their Kickstarter video, complete with hair flipping and mustache twirling.








Thanks to Trish, who knows a guy so hipster he actually has a real bird nest in his beard.

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