'World's Hottest Chip' Sold In Single-Chip Packages

September 27, 2016


This is the Carolina Reaper Madness Chip available in $5 single-packs from Paqui Chips. They're made with the Carolina Reaper pepper (currently the world's hottest) and each chip comes packaged individually in what appears to be a condom wrapper. I dare you to smash the chip and rub it on your penis. I included a video of a bunch of people trying the chip, which seems pretty hot but not too hot. I'm pretty sure I could handle it. Of course I've been butt-chugging hot sauce since college so I'm kind of a special breed. I started with buffalo sauce and worked my way up, now I only do oils and concentrates. i couldn't even begin to guess when the last time I had a solid bowel movement was, but over a decade wouldn't surprise me.

Keep going for one more shot of the little cardboard coffin the chip comes in, and a video.


Thanks to JD, who's going to sneak a handful of these into a bag of Doritos at the next party he attends.

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