Winter Is Coming: Dragon Scale Crocheted Gloves

September 21, 2016


These are the dragon inspired fingerless gloves crotched and sold by Etsy store Mareshop. They're all hand-knit and crocheted, come in a variety of different color combinations, cost $40+ depending on the length of the glove, and have little overlapping dragon scales on the fingers. Me? I don't wear gloves, I wear mittens. You know why? "Because you have claws for hands?" Correct. I had my hands replaced with lobster claws because I was hoping it would give me an unfair advantage in my UFC career but it backfired when I accidentally cut my own Achilles tendon trying to scratch my ankle. Now look at me. "You're in a wheelchair." Now look at me. "You're riding a shark." And now? "You're on the moon." Well, what'd you think? I'm auditioning for an Old Spice commercial.

Keep going for a bunch more examples.









Thanks to becca b, who heard real dragon scales have incredible insulating properties to prevent dragons from other fire-breathing dragon attacks and flaming arrows.

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