Who Safety Checked This Thing?: Man Safely Lands Plane After Propeller Falls Off

September 28, 2016


This is a video of pilot Mark Penell landing his Rans S-10 plane after the propeller falls off. I like how he looks around for the propeller after it disappears, like maybe it's just hiding somewhere. Thankfully, Mark was near the airport when his propeller decided it was tired of flying, and was able to make a safe landing. Who safety checked that plane before takeoff anyways? Was it you, Mark? Now I'm no aircraft mechanic, but I feel like the propeller is an important part to check out. The wings too, you want to make sure they're both there. *slapping plane* You're good to go. "The fuel tank reads empty." Haha, yeah I drank it all. Autobot initiation hazing.

Hit the jump for Sully's understudy in action.

Thanks to Gavin, who never goes any higher than two stories without a parachute.

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