What The Hell Sorcery Was That?: Magic Magnet Trick

September 7, 2016


This is a group of magnets that go buck wild and form a chain after a single magnetic chip is disturbed. The magnets are part of a playset called Magination, which you can buy different versions of HERE to play magnetic based games with your friends or just horse around with and hide in your cheeks like a chipmunk. Now if you'll excuse me, I have someone here to see me. *takes seat behind school guidance counselor desk* Hello Johnny, come in and pull up a seat. *waits for Johnny to get situated* Do you know about magnets, Johnny? You see, when I was your age I used to have a stack of magnets that I took with me wherever I went so I'd have something to play with whenever I got bored. But, slowly over time, they stopped being attracted to each other -- just like your mommy and daddy. Does that make sense? "I thought I was here to talk about me failing English." IT'S TEXTING, SMASH YOUR PHONE.

Keep going for the video, as well as one slowed down and played in reverse in case you were convinced it produce some sort of satanic message (it does not, I watched it twice).

Thanks to speakebox, who I can hear thumping in my downstair neighbor's apartment all day because he likes to turn EDM on full blast then leave for work. I'm going to flood his apartment tomorrow.

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