Well Hello There: Disney Princesses As Curvy Pinup Girls

September 29, 2016


This is a series of Disney princesses (plus Ursula and Tinkerbell) reimagined as curvy pinup girls by Australian artist Ashleigh Beevers. Obviously, Ursula was already curvy so that part wasn't reimagined. If you're interested you can buy prints at Ashley's Etsy shop HERE. Sexy ladies! They are all way out of my league. If their league was Major League Baseball, my league would be a man alone in a parking lot trying to hit a rock off a t-ball stand with a roll of wrapping paper. A real league of my own. My whole life my mom has told me I'm a catch but I can tell even she doesn't believe that anymore.

Keep going for six more.







Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees these would look great tacked up above the make-believe tool chest in my make-believe garage workshop.

  • river jester

    curvy/fat debate aside, why does it look like I would be impaled if any of them elbowed me?

  • Disqus Admin

    I vomited a little.
    The worst part is tattoos and hairdyes. Girls, no matter how you tatto or dye, you wont distract people from 31+ BMI.

  • cabbo


  • Pat Patrix


  • Henery Henkles


  • I came.

  • Clipper44

    Ariel was a hot ass Mermaid and I don't want to reimagine her as a fatso.

  • Matt

    They all have their eyes closed exactly the same way. It's off putting.

  • I think he just can't draw eyes, maybe.

  • Jimmy Bills

    I knew this would be Tumble curvy aka fat. I'm surprised they don't all have cheap purple hair to go with those shitty tattoos

  • stephanie.donnell

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  • Henery Henkles

    I wanna fondle dem titties

  • Leo Gothberg

    Curvy Merida for the win?

  • bluecheesedressing

    Are you a chubby chasers into ginger muffin-tops? 'Not that there's anything wrong with that.'

  • Leo Gothberg

    I just like redheads in the general sense. I also tend to prefer girls that are ever so slightly on the chubby side, though not too much. Dunno why, but I suspect that it's because I could stand to lose 20 pounds or so myself. Or maybe because I like things to be... let's call it "resistant to accidental damage".

    I also find the Scottish (and Irish, and British, and Australian) accent(s) to be disturbingly sexy, but that's another discussion.

  • Aimless

    Sorry, Fat & Inkie is not a good look.

  • Jadis
  • Aimless

    Yup, as stated in your definitions:
    Full figured- heavy body, larger women
    Fat- obese, big broads

    Lets just call them Heifers to make it easy.

  • Nate Barrett

    By: Tumblr

  • jay h

    The Angry Land Whales of the Internet

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