V.A.T.S. Me, STAT: The Pip-Boy Messenger Bag

September 6, 2016


This is the $60 Pip-Boy Messenger Bag available from Bethesda's official online store (previously: last week's Vault-Tec Vault 111 backpack). The outside look like a Pip-Boy, the inside flap looks like a Pip-Boy screen, and it even has a Vault Boy zipper pull and other accents. It's perfect for the person who loves Fallout, loves messenger style bags, and needs to carry stuff. It is not perfect for people like my girlfriend who need a bag at least twice this size to carry all their stuff. Just this past weekend we were having a few Blue Agave 'Ritas at Applebees and a cat jumped out of her bag! It wasn't even our cat! Obviously, she has a lot of explaining to do because I'm not dating someone who stuffs unfamiliar cats in their bag all willy-nilly. That's a red flag.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.









Thanks to MO, who agrees there no way all his melee weapons are going to fit in there. Wow, sweet flamethrowing ninja sword.

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