Valid: Woman Spends $500 For Surgery After Pet Goldfish Chokes On Pebble

September 14, 2016


A 21-year goldfish owner in Brisbane, Australia recently paid $500 for a vet to perform surgery and remove a pebble from her fish Conquer after the rock become lodged in the fish's throat. Pets: we'll do anything for them. My roommate could choke and die and I wouldn't get off the couch but my dog coughs once and I'm running red lights all the way to the vet.

Conquer was taken in for emergency surgery, anesthetized, and prepped to have the pebble removed.

The procedure reportedly cost Conquer's owner $500 (Conquer was $12 at a pet store). However, the vets applauded her for taking the action she did for her fish.

"It really came down to the fact that his mum is so observant," the spokesperson said. "Had she not noticed the subtle changes in her pet, he would surely have starved."

I am happy to report that Conquer is back home and doing great. Sure $500 might seem like a lot of money, but a properly cared for goldfish can live up to 25 years you know. That's a long-time companion. I mean, provided you actually buy some fish flakes and stop feeding it pebbles.

Hit the jump for shots of the entire procedure.







Thanks to my hairless, who's dropped over $1,000 on vet blils for his pet rock.

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