There There, It's Okay: Bug-Eyed Kitten Looks Constantly Worried

September 13, 2016


Meet Herman the Scaredy Cat. Herman is an exotic shorthair cat who lives in Denmark with his person-friend Shirley Nordenskiold. Herman has big googly eyes that make him look worried. Not CONSTANTLY like I said in the title though, just MOST of the time. There are several pictures below where he does not look worried. And what does he have to be worried about anyways? An Instagram following of loyal fans who would do anything for him? *stabbing roommate* HERMAN DEMANDS IT.

Keep going for several more shots.








Thanks to my pal Hannah, who reminded me my eyes point in different directions like Herman's. WOW -- THANKS, REALLY, LET'S DO LUNCH SOON.

  • Deksam

    A few are just waiting for the next craze of hillary memes.

  • Bling Nye

    People wonder at the possibility of a fickle and uncaring 'god', because humanity projects itself onto everything, knowing nothing else; so humans being the fucking assholes they are, being clearly amused with breeding fucked up animals for us laugh at collectively, must think 'god' is cruel while simultaneously playing 'god' in their own cruel fashion. So irony. Much lulz.

  • Bertw192

    Nah, we haven't gone too far with selective breeding.

  • Bling Nye

    Where we're going, we don't need roads morals.

  • Leilani5858

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  • qcp

    Retarded is the new cute.

  • bluecheesedressing

    In before keyboard warriors turn the euphemism treadmill past 10 to 11!

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