There Can Be Only One: Man Sends Robot Lawn Mower After Apple Stealing Moose

September 23, 2016


This is a short video from Norway of a homeowner who sent his robotic lawn mower to scare off an apple-thieving moose. SPOILER: the tactic is ineffective and the lawnmower takes a nasty stomping from the moose. Man, could you imagine getting stomped on by a moose? It's no relaxing Thai massage, I can guarantee that. Although now that I think about it there probably IS a market for moose stomp massages. *calling North Pole* Hello, Santa? How much for one of your moose? What do you mean you only have reindeer?! You're useless to me, fat man. By the way I've been really good so far this year okay byeeeeee.

Keep going for the video, then think twice before trying to come between a moose and your apples.

Thanks to DD, who agrees the best way to prevent moose from eating your apples is growing peaches instead.

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