The Napsack, A Wearable Sleeping Bag With Arm And Leg Holes

September 16, 2016


This is the Napsack, a wearable sleeping bag with zippable arm holes and a cinch at the bottom so you can stick your legs out and wear it as a dress. It's perfect for the camper who's being attacked by bears and doesn't have time to change before making a hasty getaway. Weird, I always thought wearable sleeping bags were called parkas. Napsacks come in a handful of colors and patterns and are available HERE for around $135. Admittedly, that's cheaper than I expected them to be. The menu at the restaurant for my date last night? That was much more than I expected it to be, which is why I feigned food poisoning from earlier almost as soon as I got there. I can make myself puke anytime I want, easy. Now I'm not trying to get my hopes up, but I think I made a pretty memorable first impression.

Keep going for a weird video of people floating around in the things.

Thanks to red, who just invented a wearable sleeping bag/tent combo so you don't have to bring anything but a can of beans to go camping.

  • John Schwartz

    Looks like a great option for ultralight or even regular backpacking. Sleeping tends to be warm enough, but stuck in a tent choosing between moving and being warm sucks. Another good use would be for emergency kit in a car. Places where it snows and actually gets cold you need something when car problems happen.

  • He probably agreed to model it when he was high, then started making that face when he sobered up. Still not sure if he looks so melancholy because he's wearing a fucking sleeping bag, or because the only bag on his mind is another bag of weed.

  • Marcus

    For decades, sleeping backs with arm and leg holes are used by various armies all over the world. And they are way (!) cheaper...

  • The_Wretched

    For when the hoodie isn't enough and you want to presupply your own body bag?

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  • Deksam

    He had better not walk through any mall wearing that.

  • Jeedai Infidel

    Who is the target audience for this, people that buy cool things for the homeless?

  • Talon184

    Why is he wearing long pants in a sleeping bag?

  • palpable ovaltine

    Award for least enthusiastic model goes to....

  • Richard H Sanford

    It looks like Homeless Chic.

  • palpable ovaltine


  • GeneralDisorder

    Alright i'll point out the problems with this stupid fucking design...

    Ever wash a sleeping bag? It's a pain in the ass and takes a day or two to dry on the line. Probably an hour or more if you even have a dryer big enough. And this thing will need some washing. Especially if you walk around wearing it and get it all sweated up.

    In cold climate this thing would be counterproductive because you'd be all sweating your sleeping bag and if you never take it off it won't dry out through the day. Even worse in warm climate.

    That opening in the bottom? I hope it closes tight enough to keep the snakes and spiders out. Or else you'll wake up with snakes and spiders using your valuable warmth.

    Those arm holes are gonna be a source of heat loss too unless there's flaps to cover the zippers.

    I do like the hood.

  • BeefSupreme

    i agree. the german military version that they have used since forever is a much better design.

  • TheDR

    Hipster suckwatches.

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    This is the best thing Kanye ever designed.

  • Cyberpumpkin Spice

    uh worst pokemon ever

  • Just wait until the next generation, they'll change his face to be blue instead of black.

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