The Barnacle, An Alternative To Parking Enforcement Tire Boots

September 26, 2016


This is the Barnacle, a parking enforcement alternative to tire boots. It attaches to any windshield with two powerful suction cups and forces a person with too many unpaid parking tickets to drive with their head out the window. I'm cool with that.

Violators can pay over the phone and receive the code to unlock the Barnacle, rather than needing someone to come unlock a boot or similar device.

If a car with a Barnacle needs to be towed, it can be done without removing the Barnacle first. The Barnacle was designed to make the entire parking violation process easier for both the offender and the people installing the Barnacle and issuing fines.

"Violators can pay over the phone and receive the code to unlock the Barnacle?" Then what? Can you just toss it in the road? Can you sell it on eBay to recoup some of the money you just spent on parking tickets? Do I have to take it somewhere? I bet you have to drop it off somewhere or they charge you for the cost of a Barnacle. Parking enforcement is such a racket. One time I got my car towed for parking in an 'undesignated' parking spot. Sidewalks don't even have spots!

Keep going for a couple more shots including one of a guy about to open a used Barnacle store.




Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees the key to avoiding parking tickets is driving a monster truck so tall the parking enforcer can't reach your windshield.

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