Rent It For My Next Birthday: The World's Largest Bounce Castle

September 22, 2016


This is a timelapse video of what is allegedly the world's largest bounce castle being inflated (Guinness hasn't confirmed the claim yet). It measures 23.8m x 20.7m (78-feet x 68-feet), its spires stand over 25-feet tall, and the castle can safely accommodate more than 100 bouncers at a time. For reference, that's 90 more friends than have ever showed up for one of my birthday parties, including their parents. About a year ago I went to a friend's young son's birthday party and they had a bounce house and I got in it right after pounding a chili cheese dog. One particularly solid bounce brought it all right back up. You should have seen the looks on the little boys' faces. Pure admiration. They still call me the Sir Pukesalot, and, at least in my mind, tell tales of my adventures to their friends in the back of the school bus.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Alexandra, who agrees moon bounce is a misnomer since I've never even come close to bouncing to the moon. I've never even been able to get over one of the walls.

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