Preparing The Tiniest Lasagna Ever Made

September 29, 2016


This is a video of miniature cooking fanatic Jay Baron of youtube channel Walking With Giants preparing the world's smallest lasagna. You know there's something about these miniature cooking videos that I find strangely satisfying. Maybe it's because I always wanted a dollhouse growing up but never had one. Whatever the case, I have a dollhouse now, although technically it's my sister's. We just share it because she's afraid if she doesn't I'll follow her out to the school bus stop one morning and start telling any of her classmates who will listen which boys she likes. Jack and Taylor, by the way.

Keep going for the video (plus bonus mini burger, tacos and bacon & eggs), then come over and let's make the world's tiniest hot dogs and eat like 4,000 of them each.

Thanks to Amelie, who suggested he cook the world's smallest shepherd's pie next. Mmmm, love that stuff.

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