Pork Chop Sandwiches?!: Tractor Trailer Carrying Bacon/Pork Products Catches Fire, Burns For Hours

September 7, 2016


A tractor trailer carrying bacon, ribs and other pork products caught fire in Cumberland, Maryland after its brakes overheated and ignited the truck. Eastbound traffic on Interstate 68 was shut down for six hours while more than ten local volunteer fire departments fought to extinguish the blaze, or, more likely, just keep it at a manageable level for an impromptu BBQ.

A dispatcher at the Allegany County 911 Center said he stepped outside late Monday and could smell the bacon burning.

"Just for our crew, this is the third tractor-trailer fire we've had in the city in the past two weeks," Grogg said.

"They all happen eastbound, coming down the mountain," Grogg said. "The brakes get hot, catch on fire and it spreads into the trailer."

Grogg said a portion of fire hose was damaged beyond repair by bacon grease than fell onto it.

I just wish I could have been there. I guess it's all about being at the right place at the right time. Me? I have never been at the right place at the right time, unless getting struck by lightning counts. "Did you get any superpowers?" Depends, does being able to use your penis as a universal remote count? "Sure." Then yes, I'm a superhero now!

Keep going for a handful more shots of Jack Burton's Pork-Chop Express, the last of which of a fireman who just spotted something to take home.






Thanks to Kevin, who only wishes bread, lettuce and tomato trucks had crashed nearby.

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