Pee-Pants Guy Immortalized On Google Street View

September 1, 2016


This is a Google Street View shot of Joshua Justice. It looks like Joshua peed his pants. Allegedly he didn't though, he was just trying to sun his pants dry after spilling "half a cleaning keg" on himself while working at Houston's Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. Sure -- likely story, Joshua.

"Went outside to stand in the sun ... as a Google maps car drove by," wrote Justice on Facebook at time. "Look for me on Street View soon. I'll be the guy that looks like he pissed himself."

On Tuesday, Justice discovered that Google had recently updated Street View. Just as he predicted, him and his seemingly pissy pants were there for the whole world to see.

Personally, I accidentally pee myself all the time then just go to the bathroom and splash water all over the rest of my pants and shirt and tell anyone who looks at me that the sink in the men's room is broken and shoots water everywhere. "Really? Because you smell like urine," a date once told me. We didn't work out. I didn't like her teeth. "No, you peed yourself on our first date and I left." Your teeth look like quartz crystals!

Thanks to Dunc, who purposefully tried to get on Google Street View looking like he pissed himself but he ran out of his house too late and the Google Street View driver refused to U-turn for a do-over. That sucks.

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