Original Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack On Picture Disc Vinyl

September 8, 2016


Note: Larger, prettier version HERE.

This is the $35 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope soundtrack released on picture disk vinyl (previously: The Force Awakens soundtrack on vinyl with spinning TIE fighter hologram). Each of the two records has a different picture on front and back. In this case, the Death Star/Darth Vader and X-Wing battle/Han and Chewie. Which is your favorite? Personally, I don't pick favorites, which is what makes me such a good boss. "But you're not a boss." Yeah but if I was one I would be a good one. You there, peon -- lift my feet up on my desk for me, I want to look casual for my next meeting. See? It just comes naturally to some of us.

Thanks to carey, who heard if you play the Imperial March backwards it sings 'Jar Jar is the chosen one' over and over.

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