Original Legend Of Zelda Glitch Allows Finish In Under 3 Minutes

September 19, 2016


This is a video detailing a glitch discovered in the Legend Of Zelda version 1.1 for the Famicom that allows a player to beat the game in under three minutes. It does not work on Nintendo though so don't try it unless you like wasting time/disappointing the friends and family you gathered to watch. Basically it goes like this: you enter special names for your player saves during the name entry screen, then go to the second dungeon, get the whistle, go to the graveyard, spawn ten ghosts by touching graves, pause until the overworld music reaches a certain part, unpause, press A and B at the same time and TA-DA, you warp straight to Zelda. This video goes into great detail explaining why it works, which was all over my head because I'm stupid. I had a teacher in middle school tell me I was smart once, but she lied. She also turned out to be a lunch lady. I thought she taught eating.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my mortal enemy Terry, who keeps trying to find a glitch in the Matrix that'll kill me.

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