Okay, I Could Use That: Star Wars AT-AT Desk Organizer

September 22, 2016


Because when they're making a Star Wars version of every product eventually something is going to come along that's actually worth buying, this is the AT-AT Desk Organizer available from Bandai this December for around $95. It's a 1/72 scale AT-AT that stand about 11-inches tall, is fully posable, has places to store all your paper clips and coins and pens and pencils PLUS you can wrap your charging cords around its legs like a Snowspeeder's tow-cable, just like Luke does in The Empire Strikes Back! Man, that thing would look great on my desk. I mean, if I had one. I used to have a cubicle but now I just have a desk chair in a hallway BY the cubicles. Apparently storing all those empty shipping boxes was more important than me feeling like a valued employee. Does anybody else smell fire? Because my coworkers are going to tomorrow afternoon.

Keep going for a ton more shots and a video of all the fun and organization to be had.





Thanks to Christopher C and bagboy, who organize their desks the old fashioned way: sweeping everything onto the floor with one arm and yelling "I can't take this shit anymore!" Heck yeah, keeping your work area tidy.

  • Ramon Cruz

    Can somebody help me order one? I'll love you forever and ever.

  • DeathBotGamma

    95 bucks! Fuck you Bandai!

  • Rick Fickes

    That first shot looks like its underpants fell down. That's why it tripped in the movie.....loose elastic waistband.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Working for Capital Games EA on the mobile game Galaxy of Heroes, I feel I am obligated to buy one of these for my work desk.

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