Oh Wow: The Urban Shaolin's Weapon Reel

September 22, 2016


This is 'The Urban Shaolin' aka Tiem Hoang's very impressive 2016 weapons reel, showcasing off his proficiency with swords, staffs, chain whips, and more. No word if he also knows his way around Powerpoint and Excel. The whole thing plays out like an action movie of him fighting wave after wave of invisible enemies. Man, I wish somebody would make a video of me doing cool stuff like this and looking like a badass. Actually, could one of you just computer graphics my head over his in this video? I want to add it to my dating profile. HI-YA! Look no further, ladies...

Hit the jump for the video, then let's meet each other in the parking lot on our lunch break and beat each other with cardboard shipping tubes.

Thanks to Daniel, who once defeated a gang of enemies with nothing but a Chinese finger trap.

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