Oh Wow: Insanely Elaborate UFO Abduction And Alien Prank

September 7, 2016


This is a hidden camera alien abduction prank orchestrated by the Programa Silvio Santos in Brazil. Basically they trap a twosome in a taxi (in the video they do it to two separate pairs), then the car breaks down in the woods, the driver gets out, disappears in a UFO's tractor beam, then aliens emerge from the UFO and come to the car to scare the shit out of the passengers. It all worked very well. Of course they never actually show the part where they tell the folks it was just a prank, so I'm pretty sure this is actually found footage of a real alien abduction, or those people all had heart attacks and/or other permanent life-altering trauma. Either way, great watch!

Keep going for the video (as well as another one of the first time they tried the prank I found while browsing Youtube), then let's absolutely not try the same thing here because people with guns.

Thanks to Zootghost, who's constantly pulling ghost pranks on people which aren't actually pranks because he really is a ghost.

  • lucci

    Silvio Santos is awesome. if you like this pranks, search for 'elevator ghost prank' and 'subway ghost prank'.

  • Krill Siluroid

    Although this was a prank, it was just plain wrong what they did to that woman, even cruel. She was an adult, but the whole thing was just too elaborate and detailed and the environment so controlled that it would cause even a well adjusted rational person to suspend their disbelief altogether. She was experiencing an abduction event and all the fear and terror with it. Not sure what the intentions were to spend so much money pulling this off. Can you honestly laugh at this prank while someone suffers in panic and terror like that? I can't. Whomever sponsored this did so under the guise of a prank, but was really running a controlled social science experiment to see how people react to abduction phenomena. Simply unethical.

  • lucci

    search for elevator ghost prank, by the same tv show. also, subway ghost prank.

  • It's all fun and games until you prank someone with a gun. lel

  • Jenness

    This is really scary as hell - but yeah, could not do this here in the states. Either someone would pull out a gun, taser or pepper spray or there would be a lawsuit for psychological damages to being scared that much.

  • Patrick

    "Lets prey." "I'm going to die!"


    spaghetti monster

  • TheQiwiMan

    Can't pull stunts like this in America, too many people packin.

  • Jeedai Infidel

    Cool. But what happens when you put a masculine male in the scenario instead of the ultra-effeminate ones shown in the video? My guess... crying aliens.

  • Patrick

    My guess, crying like little bitches.

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