Never Forget To Save: Roll Coins Down The Trunk Of This Elephant Bank

September 30, 2016


This is the ELLI elephant bank available in black, white and pink from Monkey Business Designs ($15). You can roll coins down its trunk into the slot. Next thing you know, you'll have enough money saved up to buy whatever the hell you were saving for in the first place. Was it a gift for me? I sure hope so. I can't even remember the last time somebody bought me something nice, but I suspect it was in a previous life. Not in the one where I was born a butterfly though, that wouldn't make sense.

Keep going for several more shots and a short Instagram video of a ghost using the bank.




A video posted by @monkeybusinessdesign on

Thanks to Stephanie B, who buries her coins in mason jars in the woods and draws a map like a normal person.

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